Mobile applications today have very much become the mainstay in everyday life. Used by millions of smartphone users with billions of apps being downloaded each day, you can plan your lifestyle and everything else in between.

Most downloaded Mobile Apps

Anyone who owns a smartphone today would surely have heard of apps like Whats App and WeChat. These are the most popular communication apps which are used by millions of users. But do you know that there are many others as well?

Workgroup Mobile Apps

Communication apps are mostly used for smartphone users to stay connected with friends and families. In fact, these apps have become almost crucial even for businesses. What makes these apps so useful is that you can create workgroups to discuss issues with a common group of people at any time. Among the top names in this category are:

  1. Whats App – Probably the top communication app in the world today
  2. WeChat – Highly popular in regions like Asia
  3. Line – Popular for its LINE characters and very highly used in Japan and Thailand
  4. Facebook Messenger – Linked to Facebook making it easy to use and fully integrated
  5. SnapChat – Very popular among Apple (iPhone) users

Mobile Apps for Sports

Smartphone users will need apps to keep the abreast on sporting news and results. Basically, there are 2 types of sporting apps which are:

  1. Results and Scores – Users will get live results with these apps. Among the top ones include Goal LiveScore and SofaScore LiveScore
  2. Sports news and updates – ESPN tops this list. Besides that, users are using Yahoo Sports, theScore and Team Stream, among others

Travel Mobile Apps

The most popular mobile apps would be those that are offered by the principal companies especially airlines. Apps by AirAsia, Malindo Airlines, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines and others are commonly used by users to search and book flights mostly by those who have stated preference on a specific service provider.

However, there are travel apps that encompass bookings for flights, hotels, tours and such. This makes it very convenient for the users to enjoy the service from a one-stop application platform. Such applications include:

  1. Expedia – One of the most widely used apps for travellers. Users can quickly and easily compare prices of air tickets, hotel rooms and others
  2. Traveloka – One of the recent apps to surface which has been making inroads especially in the travel industry. Users like its interface which is quite easy to navigate in searching for the best deals
  3. Agoda – Mainly used to book hotel rooms. Pricing is quite competitive
  4. Booking – Another hotel room booking app. Popularly used across the world
  5. Trivago – used to compare prices of hotel and resort rooms. One of the top ones in this category
  6. AirBnB – Perhaps one of the most influential game-changer in this industry. Provides home owners to offer rooms and their properties for short-term rentals. Since this app was introduced, it has created a dent in many hospitality markets
  7. Skyscanner – another top app used to book tickets for hotels and airlines
  8. Uber – The world’s top ride-sharing app available in most major travel destinations. Makes travelling a lot easier without being feared of overcharging
  9. Grab – Currently up and coming mobile app which is highly popular in the Asian region

Mobile apps for social networking

In terms of social networking, Facebook would be the top mobile app used in smartphone networks. However, as most smartphone users have been social network members on the desktop, the following apps have become widely popular as well:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Tumblr

Mobile Apps for home

Where this is concerned, mobile apps are mostly used for smart applications. This includes:

  1. SmartThings – Used to connect devices around the home by syncing with the remote controls
  2. Ninja Blocks – This is a revolutionary app which is part of the Internet of Things movement. With this app, you can now connect to home appliances which keeps you informed about whether you have a problem and other controls
  3. WeMo – This is an app which integrates with appliances that are connected to your wall socket. What makes it so cool is that you get to control the switches remotely (ie: from your smartphone)
  4. Control4 MyHome – With this app, you can very much control lighting, security systems and just about most of your home systems from your Android or iPhone.

Automotive Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for vehicle owners are good to keep your driving safe and efficient. Maps are the most widely used apps.

  1. Waze – Used by millions of users across the world that gives you the traffic conditions and best routes to your destination
  2. Google Maps – Connected to your Google account, you get to integrate your travels with your search preferences with almost accurate traveling time and traffic information with this app.
  3. Carcorder – This is apparently THE APP functioning as a dashcam. It turns your phone into a cam to track where you are going and record your journey. Brilliant!
  4. Dashdroid – this app is available only on Android. It is easy to use that gives you all the information you need with your drive. It is free and comes with voice commands too

Entertainment mobile apps

Can’t get enough of your favourite tunes? Entertainment apps are here to keep you occupied throughout. This includes:

  1. Music Apps – Spotify, JOOX are among the top names in this category
  2. Games – Candy Crush, Angry Birds just to name a few
  3. Videos – YouTube is available, need we say more?
  4. Literature – Feedly, Reeder, Flipboard and Kindle. Apps that gives you millions of literature to read