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By any means, Whatsapp has since surpassed any form of communication tool. There are almost more than half a billion Whatsapp users in the world and that is one market that no marketer or business can disregard.

Power of Whatsapp Marketing for your business

At present, Whatsapp provides the platform for all forms of social communication. Besides basic text messaging, users are using all forms of media like video and audio as well. To make it more enticing, they do this on a regular basis.

How can Whatsapp help you?

Can Whatsapp actually help your business to grow? Is it even possible to enjoy more profit through the use of Whatsapp? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are some of the most possible methods.

  • Commerce

    – You can use Whatsapp to run your trade transactions. Traditionally, retailers use websites but you can use Whatsapp to send out photos, videos or other content-rich information to your customers. They will appreciate this personalized message and could be driven to buy your products whether it is a digital device, gadget or services like car wash and such.

  • Promotions and Advertising

    – One of the most exciting functions of Whatsapp is that you can now run marketing campaigns through this app. Unlike Email, Whatapp messages are seldom regarded as spam when it relates to advertising and promotions. Through database profiling, you are now able to select a group of target before sending out your messages

  • Building Relationships

    – Whatsapp is ideal if you want to offer customer support or to build better relationships with your target audience. They can reach you via Whatsapp whether it is a compliment or a complaint.

  • Internal Communication

    – When you are able to reach a large group of people through Whatsapp, you create a new communication environment in which you can now get to a large group of internal employees very easily and quickly. This can be done on a regular basis and that means keeping everyone updated about sales target, promotions and other marketing material

Make no mistake about it, Whatsapp is by far the fasted moving social network to ever exit. It is available for free or only US1 which means it is the cheapest option for any marketer out there aiming to reach your target market. Knowing the power of Whatsapp is one thing, harnessing it to suit your business model is another.

Here are 5 ways which have been tested and proven for Whatsapp marketers where you can implement them to give your brand more exposure and value.

  1. Brand Persona

    – You need to create a brand persona which is engaging for your Whatsapp marketing. What you need really is one which is personal because when you communicate with your customers, that is what they will feel. If they communicate with you, they would want to feel like a friend and that is what you should work towards. Use your Whatsapp number with an intimate profile image, not just your company’s logo. One thing for sure, you could use a fictional character and that might work wonders. If you are using this, ensure it is in your other media as well.

  2. Value-added services

    – Before you talk about marketing through Whatsapp, you need to collect a database of customers who are interested in your products or services. You will need to obtain their consent to be in your marketing programme or campaign. When you want to get to them, you need to offer something in return. This could be a freebie, a discount or any form of incentive to get them on board. Then, you have them with you!

  3. Content

    – Through Whatsapp, users like the fact that they are getting to connect with others for free. Hence, that should be something you should work towards. Some brands have started Whatsapp groups that provide free education and information about their products. For instance, a fast food chain could start a group that talks about slimming and health that include tips on dieting and such.

  4. Customer Service

    – This is a no-brainer. With Whatsapp, you should provide customer service which is fast and free. After all, the reason why your customers like to engage with you is because Whatsapp is very quick. If you have a personalized Whatsapp customer support number, make sure it is available throughout the day.

  5. Research, research, research

    – Through Whatsapp, database profiling is now easier. You can expect to reach a large group of customers of a certain demographic through Whatsapp groups. This means that you can now get to more people that are related to you than any media could. With Whatsapp, you can carry out research and surveys before making further decisions for your brand.